Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another blog question

A while ago I asked how to outline my photos in black so they show up better, and sweet Sarah Caroline Ueltschey told me (all the way from Peru) that she'd help me, and I never followed up on it. Sorry SC. I'd still love the help. Send me an email (I think your mom has it).

Also, when I upload pics from my phone to my blog (using an app called BlogWriter), the pictures are HUGE when I get on my computer and look on my blog. How do I get them to be normal sized? I don't want to upload from my phone and then have to get on my computer and re-size the photos. Defeats the whole purpose.

For some reason I feel like Laura Henson will know the answer to this question. But, I would love help from anyone!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

First bath

Pics of Campbell

Long story short: I had Campbell by emergency c-section and he weighed 5 lbs, 14 oz. After my water broke and about 12 hrs of labor, they took him and he was born on mine and kurt's 6-yr anniversary. I'm going to post some pics from my phone.

I love this little fella!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

God is funny

Anxious about childbirth, I decided to look up Bible verses about peace. Concordance mentions "peace and security" in 1 Thess. 5:3. Turned out not to be what I had in mind:
"While people are saying, 'There is peace and security,' then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape."

39 weeks, 4 days & more nursery

I went to the doctor yesterday and we have a plan. Yesterday I was 60-70% effaced (That means thinned out. Might be TMI for some, but this is my blog), and not dilated any. But that is progress from my appoint last week. Nothing had happened at my appointment last week.

My due date is 3 days from now on Sunday, August 14. We are hoping Campbell will come by then (or after) on his own. However, if he is not here by Thursday, August 18 (a week from today), my doctor will induce me and try to speed Campbell along. August 18 is my grandfather's birthday, so if Campbell waits to come until then, he will share a birthday with one of the greatest men I know. Plus, I believe 40 weeks and 4 days is plenty of time for Campbell to make his appearance on his own, especially since I'm already "progressing" some.

AND there is a full moon this weekend. I've heard that affects labor as well. Maybe Campbell will be a werewolf.

Taken by my buddy Laura this morning. 39 weeks, 4 days, and just had biscuits and gravy at Shockley's. YUM!

Drum roll, please! My awesomely talented friend Sarah (whom I've mentioned before) has done it again. Lawd, she is the best thing with a paintbrush! I showed her my nursery colors and commissioned her (how fancy am I? Ha.) to paint 3 canvases for Campbell's nursery. It was easy to put my complete trust in her, and I'm glad I did. Look how perfect these are!


Elephant (With a bird! And it's red! My favorite! Red and birds!)

Giraffe (which is on the fabric in the nursery)

Y'aaaaaaaall, this nursery is my most favorite room I've ever been in ever and will probably be my favorite room ever in every house where we ever live ever! :)

Now let's see when Big C comes to live in it.

Also, this Saturday (a day before my due date) is mine and Kurt's 6-year wedding anniversary. And man, I'm lucky in love. And very thankful.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

39 weeks

My buddy Bethany commented that I haven't blogged in a while. It's been 8 days since my last post...and Campbell is still hibernating.

I need to get a 39-week picture to put on here. I haven't blogged because all I would write is:

My back hurts


Waiting is hard, and I feel guilty saying that because I have so many friends who have adopted and are adopting, and that is REAL waiting. Or at least a different kind, and longer for sure.

Technically Campbell isn't due until Sunday. But I'm growing weary of carrying an approximately 7 lb baby around. But, I'm also anxious about him being here because then I'll be his mom and that's HUGE.

I sent a text to Bethany tonight asking for prayer. (She has a 7-month-old baby girl.) I told her I'm having a hard time waiting on Campbell to arrive, but I'm also freaking out about him being here. She said that is a perfect description of emotions for this time in my pregnancy - 5 days til my due date.

I go to the doctor tomorrow to get checked and see if I've progressed any. He dropped at 36 weeks, but since then no dilation or effacement or anything. Maybe this will have changed by tomorrow, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I keep saying to myself (and to God), "I need grace." I think that'll be my motto for the next several months.

So there's your dose of honesty. I'm thankful, yes. So very thankful. But also weary, anxious, hopeful, uncomfortable...and waiting.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sleeping angel

If this isn't the sweetest girl you've ever seen, I don't know what is.

(Scroll down to the next post see pics of Campbell's nursery.)

Campbell's nursery

I'm just chillin' at 38 weeks pregnant. Wonder when this little dude is going to make his appearance?

While we wait, I'll show you pictures of his nursery. It's not totally finished, but pretty much. My awesome friend Sarah is going to do some canvases for the wall, and then it'll be perfect!

Glider and shelf

Shelf with sweet stuff and day gowns, etc.

Sampler my aunt made for me when I was born. So sweet!

Dresser, closet, glider


Wicker trunk with Moses basket on top and boppy pillow and changing table

Changing table and pretty frame and curtains and owl play mat


Darling pillow and his lovies

Curtains, mat, crib

I actually painted this! Sarah would be proud. haha.

This is the sweetest room I've ever been in! I'm a bad photographer, so the pics don't do it justice. If you stop by in a couple of weeks, maybe you can sit in the glider and rock Campbell himself!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Full term

I'm super thankful today. I am 37 weeks pregnant today, which means I'm full term, which means that if Campbell comes now, he will be fully developed and functional.

So, 3 weeks until my due date. I will post some nursery pics soon. It's practically finished. Just need to hang a few items on the walls.

And Winnie has been sweet and helpful as usual. She likes to go in campbell's room and sniff and lay by his crib. She will be a sweet big sister!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

36 weeks

Well, I'm 36 weeks. I'll be "full term" on Sunday. I have been very blessed through this pregnancy. It hasn't been easy, but looking back from here, God has been faithful and has given me a normal, uneventful pregnancy. I pray the coming weeks and months are similar.

I read this on my pregnancy iPhone app and found it funny. Enjoy!

If only you'd known you were going to trade...

Monthly PMS for nine months of weeping
Lacy thongs for cotton tents
Sex for gas
Zinfandel for warm milk
Birth control for laxatives
Going to the gym for getting up to pee
Your waist for a hot-air balloon
Kickboxing for kick counts
Your innie for an outie – a way-outie
Sleeping for groaning
Freedom for the most intense love you've ever known

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Genuine inquiry

Taking a break from the baby posting, I have a question. Sincerely. Not making fun of anyone.

It seems like in the past year or so (maybe more -- I'm not always up on trends), people have started listening to vinyl records again. It seems like it's a big deal. I admit I see it more among the "hipster" crowds, but nonetheless, it is trending. (Which would probably offend said group. Which I find amusing.)

My question is this: what is so good about vinyl? Does the music sound different (better) than if I bought it on iTunes and played it on my iPod? I just don't understand it, and I would appreciate some enlightenment.

My father-in-law plays his old records, but he's almost 65. What is the value to youngsters though? What makes it cool? Help! I want to be in the know.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Technical question

If I want to put a border around my photos when I upload them, how do I do that? Anyone know how to add/change that setting on blogger?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Snuggly punkin

Kurt snapped this shot this morning. (Excuse my hair...) My sweet girl wanted to snuggle. Pretty soon our mornings will consist of snuggling little Campbell in the bed, too! That is, if Winnie makes room for him.

I love my little family and feel very blessed and thankful to God for his many blessings.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

32 weeks

Here's mama at 32 weeks! Hanging in there!

Tonight we went to an engagement party for some friends. It was fun to get dressed up and socialize, even if I didn't feel as cute as other smaller, non-pregnant girls. Ha.

I'm going to the doc every 2 weeks now. After 2 more visits, I'll start going every week. EEK!!

I'm anxious. I'm happy. I'm thankful. I'm scared to death. I laugh. I cry...I'm pregnant.

The baby is due in 8 weeks. The nursery is not ready and I haven't registered anywhere yet. However, both of those are expected to change this week.

We are going to birthing classes. Quite informative. I'll not elaborate.

I read a Charles Spurgeon quote this week and I am trying to give it focus: "Listen no more to the wailings of your trembling flesh, which cries, “Alas, I am weak,” but hear the voice of him who saith “I am God Almighty."

I'll post pics of the nursery as it comes along.

Also, it is my opinion that Extreme Couponing and Hoarders are THE SAME SHOW. Thank you and goodnight!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Winnie girl turns 2!

This little girl...

The day she came home

First bath

turned 2 years old today! Happy birthday to my favorite girl! She's growing up and is still a great joy to us! I foresee Winnie being a sweet big sister to Campbell when he arrives. Hopefully the adjustment will be smooth.

(best picture ever!!!!)


Inspecting her gifts

Here's to many more birthdays, sweet girl. Love you!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tupelo sighting: The Easter spirit

Kurt and I saw this sticker on a car Sunday afternoon. Couldn't agree more. ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fraidy dog

Winnie sporting her new name tag

Well, we have discovered yet another irrational fear held by Miss Winnie Claire. (She's so much like her mama!) In addition to being terrified of storms and the vacuum cleaner, she also dislikes the sound of cards shuffling. That's right, folks. I gotta cancel that family trip to Tunica for next weekend.

Kurt and I were playing rummy tonight, and when I first shuffled the cards, she came up and sniffed them while I shuffled. I was glad she was interested in what we were doing. However, with each subsequent shuffle, she jumped back and huffed a little. She whined the entire rest of the game (we tied, btw, which I consider a victory for me since I married a card counter and usually lose at everything) and acted startled and annoyed as we shuffled at each new hand.

In addition, a product review:

A few weeks ago, we ordered Winnie a Thundershirt. My description is that it's a swaddle for a dog. It Velcros around the dog's body and helps it to feel less anxious, or so it says. Winnie wore it for two storms and one round of vacuuming (that was Kurt's idea), and it didn't calm her. In fact, it annoyed her. Each time she wore it, she shook like she shakes after a bath -- like she was trying to get it off of her. So, we sent it back this week.

If anyone has tried this or any other remedies for anxious dogs (besides pills, which I'm not beyond inquiring about and acquiring at the vet), let me know. There's a storm brewing outside right now and Winnie is already panicking. With each clap of thunder, she crawls closer to me on the bed. Now she is laying right next to me with her head on my leg. My only remedy has been to put her in my closet. She feels safe in there. In fact, she usually goes in there on her own when she's afraid. I call it the R. Kelly Syndrome. (Trapped in the closet...) I have a feeling I'll be taking her in there myself at some hour tonight.

I have a built-in weather adviser. When it's storming, she goes in the closet. When it's safe, she comes out. Very simple.

Poor little girl. If you're a storm or the vacuum, she'll run scared. But if you're the UPS man, she'll bark her head off at you. Don't dare try to walk up to our front door, and heaven forbid you should ring the doorbell.

She is a woman, after all. I guess it's her prerogative to fear what she wants, even if it doesn't make any logical sense -- like cards shuffling.

23 Weeks

Here is a picture of Campbell (Baby C-murda) and me at 23 weeks. If I look tired and bleary-eyed, it's because I am. But I'm thankful and blessed as well.

As you can see, I'm all belly. I feel like I'm carrying him low, and also that he likes Tae Bo. He is jumping and kicking like crazy. Sounds like he will have lots of energy like his sweet daddy. I hope he also has a wonderful sense of humor like his dad. Love both my fellas. (And don't forget Winnie girl! She's my best girl!)

I hope to start decorating the nursery soon. I had a yard sale a couple of weeks ago, so now I have some room to get ready for Campbell.

I also went to a consignment sale in Columbus called Coopers Closet. I got a Graco travel combo (car seat, stroller and base), a play mat, a pack and play for when we visit family and friends, and a beautiful antique high chair. Won't need that for a while but I couldn't resist it.

A friend also gave us a glider and a bumbo chair they don't need anymore. People have been so generous to us.

Even though being pregnant is often uncomfortable and emotional, I'm so thankful for this blessing. Going to the doc next week. Here's to a good check up!

Also, the dear servants at Parkgate Pregnancy Clinic are training new sonogram technicians. My friend Bethany is a volunteer there, and she is recruiting people to volunteer to receive a free ultrasound. I am going on Saturday for mine! Maybe I'll get some cool new pics of Campbell.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweetest nurse ever

I've been sick for about a week. Allergies...sinus junk...general feeling of YUCK. I finally went to the doctor yesterday, and he took care of me as he always does. (I LOVE MY DOCTOR!) But this junk has laid me out for a few days and I haven't been out of the house much lately. Sigh.

However, someone has been by my side the whole time. Winnie girl - my best nurse. I usually call her my shadow because she follows me around the house, but since I've been in bed for a couple of days, she has been right there with me. Each time I cough, she checks on me. She has given me sweet hugs and has napped right beside me for hours (when I can actually sleep - meaning breathe through my nose).

Kurt has been a wonderful nurse too. He's so patient and understanding, and he has done whatever I have asked. What a blessing my family is.

I'm 22 weeks right now and besides the sinus infection, I'm feeling pretty good. Campbell is kicking away in there, which is comforting and strange at the same time. I love the little fella, and I think he and Winnie will get along well.

God is teaching me to trust him in lots more things now - things I never used to think about. I am very blessed and am thankful for his faithfulness.

I'm gonna give Winnie a treat now. She has been so sweet to me!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's a boy: reveal video

Finally a blog about the reveal!

Kurt and I went to the doctor Tuesday morning March 15 at 8:15 AM to find out the gender of the baby. We wanted to find out before telling others so it would be a special moment for us and could settle in before we had family over at lunch that day to announce it. My younger sister Brittany stayed the night with me Monday night to help me get ready for the luncheon, etc. So, I came home from the sonogram and told her it was a BOY! And then we got to work.

I made a cake on Monday and put blue frosting on the inner layer Tuesday before everyone came. (I have since learned I'm not a baker. It was almost a disaster.)

Brit took a pic of me preparing the cake.

Final product. No one will know the icing is blue until we cut it.

Even Winnie girl was ready with her Big Sister bandanna on!

So our family and close family friends arrived dressed in blue or pink to guess the gender.

Team blue

Team pink

Here's the video of us revealing it. We had planned to let our cousin Nita say what color the icing was, but she just ate up the attention and didn't care about the cake. Everyone still got the message.

Me with a slice of baby boy cake!

Happy grandparents!

This little stork has a place to mark boy or girl. Thanks for bringing this, Bonnie!

If you have made it this far in the blog, you deserve to know his name. We are naming him

Campbell Sims Cooper

And lastly, I am 21 weeks now. I went to the doc today and everything is on track and we are both doing well. So thankful for God's blessings of a wonderful family, a great doctor who knows how to deal with "tired, hungry, sick, and crazy!!!", precious friends who give generously and are always available to help and listen, and a sweet husband and puppy who love me and Campbell.