Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tupelo Sighting: Champion

The Lawndale Presbyterian Church Youth Group Ultimate Uno Champion was recently spotted. She now only answers to Nighthawk, and will sign no autographs unless generously compensated.

2010 so far: A few of my favorite things

1. Reuniting with friends from college

Donkey Kong, Bowser, Mario

John, me, and Greg

The Noreds and me

Anna and Kel

2. Giving Winnie her birthday presents

3. My birthday breakfast from Kurty Poo

4. This dog I saw floating in my friend's pool

5. Graduates

My brother Ryan

My sister Brittany

My buddy Katie

6. Family


Grandmom posing under a Corona sign: "Hey, my name is Martha, and I like to party."
(Granddad suggested I take this one!)

Cousin Katherine and Baby Nita

The Coopers

7. Purses, apparently

Long story...

8. Dancing

A thing of beauty

I commissioned a painting of Winnie. My friend Kathryn Wiggins, a professional painter, did it for me. I gave her a picture, and she must be magic because it looks EXACTLY like Winster.

Let me know if you want her information for a painting of your baby (pet or human). She's great!

Product placement

After complaining about Winnie's atrocious normal shedding habit, my friend Amy suggested the FURminator! It's a metal-toothed brush shaped like a large razor, and it really grabs the dog's undercoat. Brushing Winnie used to be a battle, but she loves that the Furminator gives her a good scratch!

Kurt, preparing for Furminate

Got my game face on

My baby girl

Kurt furminating Winnie (yes, in our kitchen...now we do it outside)

This is the result! It works!!

This brush can be pricey, but I got mine for half price on Amazon.com. Let me know if you get one!