Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guest Blogger: Winnie Claire

Woof! It's Winnie. You may be wondering how I got this computer.

Mommy was sitting on the couch watching 30 Rock and checking Twitter on her computer. I did my usual routine of whining and jumping on the couch, then standing over her lap, between her and the computer so she can no longer see the screen. What else can I do since I can't tell her, "Mommy, I want some attention!"...or a treat, or to go potty, or to go to the mailbox, or to take a walk, etc. So I resort to whining and forcing myself physically on her to get her attention.

She just got up to get a diet Dr. Pepper (she drinks those a lot), so I took over her computer. I'm pretty sure Mommy talks about me a lot to her friends, but she doesn't talk a lot about me on her blog. Shame on her! I'll be sure to whine extra at 3:00 this morning to punish her for that.

About me:

I like squeaky toys. If they don't squeak, forget about it. My usual operation when I receive a toy is to find the squeaker, run around the house squeaking it, and then park myself in one spot and chew and pull and tear for 30 minutes until I get the squeaker out and the rest of the toy is strewn about the room and Mommy has to clean it up and complain about how no toys last around here.

I also like rawhide bones. Mommy gives me about 1 per day. When she gives it to me, I will either run to the back door so I can chew it outside and prance around the yard with it in my mouth, or I run back to Mommy and Daddy's room and chew it in there. I really like Mommy and Daddy's room. I stay on their bed a lot. When Mommy wakes up in the morning, she takes me out to potty, and then she gets in the shower. When she does that, I get in her spot on the bed and snuggle with Daddy.

Sometimes at night when Mommy and Daddy go to bed, I get in the bed with them. Mommy calls it a Fam-Sam (family sammich) because the three of us are snuggled up like a sandwich and there isn't much room left in the bed when I get in there.

Another thing I do on occasion is fart in Daddy's face. A couple of weeks ago, Mommy was getting ready for work and said to Daddy, "Guess what the scale said this morning? 122.8!" and then Daddy said, "Well guess who farted in my face last night and then left the bed?" Mommy said, "Me?" and Daddy said, "No, Winnie!" I didn't understand what all they said, but I heard my name, so I knew it was important.

I have 3 friends that I know by name: Gus, Hula and Blue. If Mommy says, "Where's Hula?" I run to the window, jump in the chair, and look out of it and whine. Sometimes Hula's mom Leslie comes over and leaves Hula over here to play with me while she and Mommy go for a walk. We run around the back yard and wrestle. When Hula's mom takes her back home, I watch them out the window until they turn off the street. I love my friends.

The window chair is where I spend a lot of time and watch what is happening in the neighborhood. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac, and I see lots of exciting happenings on our street. Sometimes Mommy or Daddy looks out the window with me.

I like treats a lot. Beggin' Strips are my favorite! I also like Milkbones, and Mommy lets me brush my teeth with Greenies every once in a while.

Lately I have been waking Mommy up at 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning, whining next to her face by the bed. Sometimes I need to go potty, and sometimes I am just bored and want to play. She really doesn't like this new habit of mine. Daddy is nice and gets up with me some, too. Last night they took my water away from me at 10:00, and I didn't wake them up. I bet they keep doing that, and maybe even take it away earlier.

Mommy and Daddy have stopped giving me people food because it was making me throw up. Mommy feels bad, but Daddy says they are doing it because they love me. However, it doesn't stop me from begging for food when they eat. I put my head on their lap and drool on their clothes. I even whine, but they just won't give me a bite anymore.

I really hate bath time. Mommy and Daddy have to bathe me together because one of them has to hold me in the tub and one of them bathes and rinses me. It's a team effort. I endure it, and I always give them the most pathetic look that says, "Why are you abusing me?" while they bathe me. Mommy gives me pep talks throughout the procedure, but it doesn't help. After I get out of the tub, I shake off all over the living room an kitchen, soaking the floor, and make Mommy and Daddy towel dry everything.

I hope I get lots of toys and treats for Christmas. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Winnie C. Cooper