Sunday, March 21, 2010

You want me to eat what?

Each time I see Taco Bell's commercial for the new Pacific Shrimp Taco, I nearly gag. The first thought I have is, "Is there such a thing as artificial shrimp?"

I don't know anyone who has been brave enough to try it either on a dare or because they want to, but I will make a deal with you. If you decide to eat this fancy item from Taco Bell, please take a picture of yourself eating it, and email me your review of the product and the photo at I will then post them on my blog so we can either warn or encourage people to try Taco Bell's new delicacy.

If I get at least 5 reviews, I will eat one and write my own review to be included with the others.

Who's up for the Shrimp Taco Challenge?

I hate goodbyes

Help! I can't find one of my dearest friends: Salt and Vinegar chips.

I have been on road trips the last 2 weekends (Nashville and Jackson, respectively), and one of my favorite parts of the road trip is to stop at the gas station to get junk food. Typical snacks for me include Gardetto's, cheese puffs, mustard pretzels, or some kind of chip product, coupled with a diet Dr. Pepper.

Kurt and I stopped at a store outside of Nashville on the way home last weekend to get a snack, and I looked for Vinegar and Salt chips. They were nowhere to be found. I found this odd, but I figured that particular store was merely out of one of my favorite snacks, and I settled for something else.

On my way to Jackson on Friday, I stopped in Louisville to get some Vinegar and Salt chips and a diet Dr. Pepper. The delicious snack was nowhere to be found, so I had to settle for Dill Pickle chips -- a close second, but not as tangy.

Kurt says they don't make Vinegar and Salt chips anymore "because they're gross." He is wrong.

Do you know where the Vinegar and Salt chips have gone?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An update of sorts...

1. Winnie is about to be 10 months old. Her birthday is on Cinco de Mayo, so everyone is welcome to bring their puppies over to our house to play and drink margaritas with us on Win's birthday! Ole!

2. My grandmother fell last week and broke her left patella (knee cap, for all you non-medicals out there), right wrist, and right shoulder. Poor grandmom. She is in a lot of pain and has been in the hospital for a week now. She will stay there at least another week as she undergoes physical therapy. Thankfully, no surgery was required to reset her bones. All the breaks were clean.

3. I have been reading The Shack. ("Gasp!" sayeth all the conservative Christians.) Before you deem me a heretic, check out the book for yourself. It is good fiction. Admittedly, some parts of the book make me uncomfortable, but what is the harm in that? It is good to stretch our minds and consider other viewpoints (and deem whether we agree or disagree thereafter). I will save my book review for another post, but I find myself experiencing the same emotions as the protagonist Mack. I'm excited to see where this story takes me.

4. I have recently rekindled my love for Coldplay's "Amsterdam." I had forgotten how beautiful the music and lyrics are to me. I relate to the lyrics emotionally as well as spiritually, I think. Below are the music and lyrics for your consideration/enjoyment.