Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet Winnie Cooper

Kurt and I adopted a puppy on Saturday. After she was spayed, we brought her home yesterday. We named her Winnie after the lovable girl next door on The Wonder Years who just happens to share our last name.

Outside on our bench. Afraid of heights?

She likes to put both front paws in the food and water.

Winnie and Marty

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shameless plug

I just had the BEST shower of my life. Why? Because today I bought and used the Schick Quattro razor.

I know, I know, they're going to come out with the Schick Ocho, like, next week, and I'll be really mad about it because adding more blades is just ridiculous. However, I may NEVER switch to another razor after using this one today.

I literally couldn't feel the blades on my skin. I might as well have been caressing my legs and underarms with silk. Yes, it is THAT amazing.

I love the Schick Quattro, and here's how I know it is the real deal. Ask yourself this question, "Do I have pretty underarms?" If you are like me, and the answer is "no," there is hope! You can get them with the Schick Quattro.

I had a friend growing up named Mary Esther. She had the most beautiful armpits in all the land. I kid you not. Every summer we'd go to camp and she'd wear tank tops and display her smooth underams and I'd be so jealous. I have a friend named Emory from Tupelo who has pretty underarms, too. I now call pretty armpits "emorypits."

A few moments ago, I hopped out of the shower and ran to the mirror in anticipation to look at my armpits. Guess who has smooth, lovely underarms now? Yours truly! Thank you, Schick Quattro!

An affair to remember: New Orleans in wedding season

Recently my dear friend Audrey Fort married Doug Smith in New Orleans. They are both natives of Baton Rouge and went to college at Tulane. Kurt and I met Doug and Audrey during the fall of 2005.

They were forced to evacuate New Orleans and Tulane in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and chose to attend Millsaps College in Jackson for a semester before returning to New Orleans in the spring of 2006.

Even though we only lived in the same town for one semester, Audrey was my dearest friend in Jackson. I met her when I was newly married -- about 3 weeks -- and had just started my journey into adulthood. She was so kind and understanding, and to this day she is one of my dearest friends.

Audge is my inspiration for lots of things, but mainly fashion and learning. She also encourages me to exercise my writing talents and dig deeper into myself to believe in who I am.

Also, she's wildly witty and super cute! Enough of the sappy stuff and on to a preview of her wedding weekend.


Kurt and I arrived in New Orleans and commenced with wedding activities. Since I was a bridesmaid (the only non-family bridesmaid, thank you very much!), I rarely left Audrey's side the whole weekend. I was honored to be chosen to participate in her wedding, and it was incredibly fun! (And Kurt hung out with and had a great time getting to know the groomsmen as well.)

We started the weekend with cocktails at The Columns, and antebellum home now serving as a restaurant. The spring weather was perfect!

Julie (A's sister), Sarah (A's cousin), Audrey, and me

After cocktails and delicious appetizers, we went back to Audrey's condo to change clothes and ready ourselves for her bachelorette party. We had a delicious dinner at The Melting Pot (Audge's fave). Audrey then opened her lingerie gifts. The best gift was from her future sister-in-law, who couldn't bear to give Audrey any typical lingerie.

Adult onesie

The girls at The Melting Pot

We then met up with the groom and groomsmen (and Kurt) at the Omni Royal hotel in downtown NOLA and proceeded to Pat O's where, yes, I got a hurricane in a souveneir glass.

The girls at Pat O's.


Friday morning we went to the Commander's Palace for Audrey's bridal brunch. Aside from a couple of wardrobe malfunctions (The dress Audge chose to wear got dirty in her trunk, so she had to go with a backup, which looked fabulous... and my dress's strap broke at the restaurant, and Julie had to get a safety pin from the waiter for me), the morning was lovely.

I ate gumbo and and New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp, and had a couple of mimosa's as well! It was a fine southern dining experience!

Audrey with Julie, her younger sister and maid of honor.

For dessert we ate cake, but not before the bridesmaids and flower girl pulled charms out of it. I got the wishing well...for good luck in the future... or whatever.

Pulling the cake charms

Friday evening Doug and his family hosted the rehearsal dinner at the Napoleon House, located a block away from the wedding location -- the garden terrace of the Omni Royal Hotel. Before we ate dinner, watched a slideshow of Doug and Audrey grow up, and hear all their friends gush over them, we had cocktails on the "party porch."

Kurt with some groomsmen on balcony

Doug's friends introduced me to a delicious local drink called a Pimm's Cup (which I called Pimp Juice, of course). Look it up. It's yummy. Kurt even liked it!

Kurt, Audge, Doug, Marty


Saturday was the wedding day! It went off without a hitch...well, I'm sure there were a few hitches, but Doug and Audge ended up hitched anyway.

Gracie Lou Freebush and the bride

The blushing bride

Katie, Audrey, Julie (sisters)

Kurt and me

First dance

Doug, along with his college a capella group, sang "Accidentally in Love" to Audrey. It was so romantic! Way to go, Doug!
After dancing the night away and enjoying gourmet food and beverages, we followed the bride and groom in the second line and waved goodbye to them as they rode away in a horse and carriage.
It was a weekend filled with romance, beautiful weather, excellent food and beverage, and lovely company. Thanks, Audrey! When can we do it again?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Cooper Wedding

Kurt's cousin Eric got married in April. Here are some photos from the occasion.

Rehearsal Dinner at Maggiano's. Wedding outside at a country club. So fun!


Eric, Ashley, Marty, Kurt

The Cooper Siblings

Kurt's awesome cousins Morgan and Taylor

The happy couple