Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog updates

Ok, check out my blog now. Thanks to my friend Laura, I made some adjustments to the width. But my blogging area is now wider than the background. Is there any way I can make the background margins smaller to accommodate a larger writing space? I'd appreciate any advice.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

blog help

My blog design is all messed up. I want a template that allows me a bigger writing space to post bigger pictures (they were getting cut in half on the last one, especially when I blogged from my phone).

I found a cute one at Hot bliggity blog, but I pasted it in the HTML/Java script, and it doesn't look right.

What should I do?

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I love family heirlooms! My grandmother brought this to me on thursday for baby's nursery. My aunt cross-stitched (sp?) it for Leslie/me when we were babies. I'm going to put it in Baby Cooper's nursery. So sweet.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby's first gift

My friend Laura brought me my first baby gift last week. It's a stuffed cow named Darcy (she named it) and a book called The Pregnancy Journal. So sweet! I'm thankful for supportive and encouraging friends whose excitement makes me smile.

Also, I'm writing this blog from my phone! Booyah!

There is NOTHiNG on tv on Monday nights. Gah. I'm watching Property Virgins on HGTV. This couple has a down payment of $100,000. Whoa! Dave Ramsey would be proud.

Now I'm going to get on my computer and see how my phone blog turned out. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Christmas Surprise

Well, here's how it started. Well, I guess you know how it started. I was a couple of days "late" (which never happens), so I took a pregnancy test. I was surprised to find this result:

So, I drove to the church to tell Kurt (took Winnie with me, of course). When we got home, we took these photos of our reactions:

So Kurt and I kept it a secret for another 2 weeks, until Christmas. Then we told our families, and swore them to secrecy.

Back story: Both my grandmother and Kurt's mom Barb had a rough year in 2010. My grandmother had to have emergency stomach surgery for a hole in her intestines in the fall. It was touch-and-go for a while, but she has recovered well since then. Barb got diagnosed with breast cancer last summer and had a double mastectomy and a subsequent stroke caused by a blood clot passing through a hole in her heart (that she was born with). Her recovery has been a difficult road for her, but she is doing really well now and is cancer free!

At each house for Christmas, after all the gifts were opened, we told my grandmother as well as Barb that we had gotten them an extra something "special" because they had a rough year. See the rest below...

Telling Marty's family on Christmas Eve:

Telling Kurt's family on Christmas Day:

Quite opposite reactions, huh? One was utter shock. (Sweet Granddad got teary-eyed.) The other was sheer joy. However, it took both parties a while to catch on to what we were telling them.

I love how Winnie joins in the excitement in the 2nd video. Ha. Sweet big sister.

Next we waited almost 3 weeks to tell anyone else, which was a huge feat for Barb because she was so excited. Every time she saw me during those 3 weeks, she squealed. And she's still squealing!

We wanted to wait to announce it to everyone else until I had my first sonogram -- where we got this:
Baby Cooper * 10 weeks * Due August 14, 2011

That little wiggle worm was dancing around (good moves, like its mama) and its heart was racing (we got to hear it!). It was so surreal, and I cried for quite a while during and after. Seeing our baby was amazing. There's nothing like it.

Obviously we feel very blessed and look forward to what this year will bring. Our friends and family have been so kind and encouraging. We are thankful to God for such blessings.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Emily: My bargain buddy

Emily and me

Emily, my neighbor from RTS when we lived in Jackson, enjoyed my blog dedicated to Audrey. So, I decided to make one for her as well!

Emily is a year older than I am and went to Belhaven College (now Belhaven University - psh, please) with my sister Leslie. Emily was a ballerina in high school in Tallahassee, which drew her to Belhaven. She majored in Psychology, and married an RD at Belhaven (Ryan), who was attending RTS to get his counseling degree. Kurt and I married in August of 2005, while he was in school at RTS, and moved into married housing. In October of 2005, Ryan and Emily married and moved to RTS married housing in the apartment next to ours. There ya go.

Ryan and Emily

Emily and I hit it off instantly when I met her through Leslie, and we reconnected as neighbors at RTS. We were practically the same age and we wore the same size in clothes. On top of that, we were both BARGAIN SHOPPERS! We had many double dinner dates at each other's apartments (Ryan makes a beautiful cosmopolitan and other mixed drinks) and game nights. We even had a neighborhood cookout/drinkfest when Hurricane Katrina hit and we lost all of our power. Grilling outside in the dark, drinking our beer. It was fun.

But one of my favorite nights was spent doing what we called Closet Shopping.

We had a 3rd neighbor (Katie) who was married to Kurt's RTS roommate (Brent) when they lived in single housing on campus. (sorry for confusion). They married that December I think, and they lived on the other side of the Russes. Katie was also petite like Emily and me. The three of us decided to go to our closets, one closet at a time as a group, and get rid of clothes, letting the others choose what they'd like. I think we started at mine, and I got rid of some things I didn't wear anymore, and Emily and Katie took what they wanted. Then we moved to Emily's closet, did the same, and ended at Katie's. We had a blast! We each ended up with a good amount of clothes for FREE! You can't beat that for a bargain.

I have no idea what our husbands were doing while we were closet shopping. Probably playing xbox.

See, we love sales!

Emily and I even had a yard sale together. I priced all of my items with stickers and Emily went the brave route (I hate to haggle) and asked people to make her an offer. We both sold a decent amount that day, but OF COURSE, we started the yard sale by trading a few items ourselves. I think she got some of my shoes in exchange for some of her jewelry. (To our husbands' dismay. I remember Kurt saying, "Sweetie, we're supposed to be getting rid of stuff today." Oh well, I can't pass up a good deal.)

Our husbands graduated from RTS and we moved to Tupelo, and the Russes moved to Little Rock, Ryan's hometown. We were determined to see each other still, so we visited them in LR. Emily told me about a sale the Junior League of LR was having downtown. We each paid for a ticket ($5 maybe?) and woke up extra early to get there when the doors opened and the deals began.

Us with our loot at the Junior League of LR sale. What am I wearing?

It was pretty chaotic. We looked at rack after rack, and we make several trips to the bathroom of the building where women were changing in the stalls to try on clothes. Eventually people got tired of waiting on stalls to open, and we all changed in the open air of the bathroom together. I didn't know any of those people, so I didn't care. (Plus, I'm not known for modesty...anyway.)
I still have a dark orange Banana Republic sweater I got there as well as a brown top with fluttery sleeves and a black Anne Taylor blazer thingy. Yay! I'd like to make it an annual event, especially now that they have little Eliza Day.

Eliza Day

Emily and Ryan welcomed Eliza a couple of months ago, and they stopped by our house during Thanksgiving break on their way to visit family in Florida. It was so good to see them and meet this precious little girl.

So, Em, when's the next bargain hunting adventure?