Thursday, April 30, 2009

You can "count" on Tupelo

Kurt and I went to lunch today at Peppers. (I refuse to call it Sweet Peppers, which is its technical name. But the word "sweet" is small and hardly noticeable on the restaurant sign. It took me 3 years to realize "sweet" was part of the restaurant's name. By then, it was too late to change its name in my mind.)

While ordering our food, the lady taking our order thought she recognized Kurt. She asked him if he was "one of the twins." Kurt was obviously confused...since he knows a few sets of twins and looks nothing like any of them. Which twins could she mean?

She said, "Yeah, you know those twins that come in here on Saturday. There's 3 of 'em."

Really? Three...twins. How very interesting.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tupelo sighting: Yard art.

I can't think of a clearer message to humans. Not sure the dogs will get it, though.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm on a health kick...

Wait a second, that's not true. Anyway, today I had a craving. For what? More cowbell? No, silly, that's for a fever.

I wanted a pizza stick. Ever heard of it? At the Harvard of high schools, Oak Hill Academy, where I attended school from kindergarten until graduation in West Point, MS, they served pizza sticks at break and lunch. Heck, even at breakfast. They were always deep fried (not baked). Another requirement to properly enjoy the pizza stick was to drizzle ranch on it...a new application of ranch with each bite. YUM.

Kurt makes fun of me for liking pizza sticks, and today I found out why. He's never had one. I repeat: never had one. Crazy, right?

So at lunch today I decided to indulge my inner white trash and have lunch at Dodge's. Not pick up lunch from Dodge's...I wanted to sit in the gas station and eat at Dodge's. So I did. I got a #6 combo: a pizza stick, a corn dog (another deep fried delicacy), and a super huge diet Dr. Pepper. (Told you -- health kick.)

Deep fried bliss.

Kurt ponders the concept of the pizza "stick" and is weirded out by it.

So, I ate the pizza stick first. Next came the corn dog, which I also documented.

The fine art of the mustard-ketchup mixture.

And lastly, I present to you Exhibit A: evidence of good eatin'.

More grease, please.

Mail Call

Today I received a letter from Geico in the mail. I don't use Geico for car insurance, so it was clearly a solicitation. When I opened it, I noticed they didn't mean to send it to this address.

Sensible Driver? I don't think so. Two weeks ago Kurt had a fender bender at Sonic, and last week I hit a parked car. So, there you have it.