Thursday, January 19, 2012

New app

Ok, I got a new app for my phone so I can better blog from it. Let's see if it works. I have added some more photos of Campbell and also of my hair. Sorry Sarah and Candace, but I joined the dark side even though y'all told me to stay blonde. It's much closer to my natural color, which I'm planning to try out in the future.

I posted an update post under this one that explains what in the world we are up to. Ha.

For Emily

My faithful blog follower Emily from Little Rock asked me to put these fingers back on the keyboard. So I'm doing just that. Writing is my therapeutic outlet anyway. Feels good to be writing -- on here and in general.

My last post was about a month after Campbell was born. That was about 4 months ago.
Since then the Cooper Clubhouse has left its tree in Tupelo and moved to Montgomery, AL. Kurt is the new student minister at Trinity Presbyterian Church. We really like Montgomery and our new church family, although I have shed quite a few tears missing our Lawndale family and others in Tupelo.

Let's see...Campbell is 5 months old now. He's a grinner and loves to "talk" and laugh. He scoots in his crib. Poor fella has reflux, but other than that he's so wonderful. I keep wondering how I got blessed with the perfect baby. Must be like his daddy.

Montgomery is cool. We currently live about a mile from Target. Woot woot! I don't go a lot, but it's nice to have one. Ha. We are staying in a temporary home in Montgomery until our Tupelo house sells. Our awesome realtor Jason Warren has shown it a lot, so I'm praying someone will make an offer soon.

Basically what I'm doing right now is putting lots of stuff in God's hands. My worries, the changes in our lives, our house being on the market, day to day activities, some loneliness, etc. My sweet mother-in-law got me a wonderful devotional book for Christmas called Jesus Calling. I'm sure you've heard of it. It is fantastic. It's like having a therapist talking to me each morning, telling me God's promises and showing me scripture. I love it.

Poor Winnie Claire. She is having a difficult time adjusting to our new home. The laminate floors are so slippery. She slides everywhere. The other day she got down off the couch and slid into the TV stand. I died laughing, but she was so afraid. Now she stands in the bedrooms afraid to walk into the living room for fear of slipping and sliding. She is a VERY CAREFUL stepper now. So funny.

Here are some photos of little fella. Enjoy!

Eating Cereal

Daddy feeding C in Montgomery

Daddy reading to me

Napping on Daddy at the freaking DMV. Gah. (Nap is cute. I hate the DMV.)

Sitting in the stroller in the church nursery.
He loves strolling! And the nursery loves him!

More cereal

Playing and grinning, what he does best. His Pop took this picture.

For the future, I hope to learn to sew on my new sewing machine (props to Bethany and Sarah) and also to keep making some jewelry (nothing fancy). And a fabulous lady at church named Ruthie ( paints beautifully. I want to take some lessons from her, too!

We shall see what the future holds. Meantime, would love some prayers. Change is hard, but it is good. We are happy to be in God's hands and plan.