Thursday, February 2, 2012

One nasty dare

Recently our friend Drew "doo doo" Allison visited for dinner. He goes to Auburn and it's only 45 mins from Montgomery. I made red beans and rice. It was awesome. I cooked the sausage in beer.

Anyway, this blogger app won't let me upload the video, but Kurt dared Drew to chug 9 oz of Campbell's formula. SICK. Kurt offered Drew $5, and Drew said no. (Good choice.) But then Kurt offered Drew $50 (I figured $20 was the next logical ante but whatever), and he took the dare. The video is amazing to watch a grown man (age 22, I think) chug one of Campbell's very expensive and very gross-smelling meals.

I attached the pic of the check we had to write Drew bc we don't carry 50s in cash.

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